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Zealous Behavior: What is It? What Can it Do for You and Me?

Zealous Behavior Zeal is a sense of enthusiasm, coupled with intense interest and passion for God and one’s faith. Zeal inspires us to put God and one’s faith above all else; to think big and to do big things in the name of Christ; to see a need and to do all that we can to fill that need for others. Sounds like a tall order doesn’t it? Well, what I describe could be applied as a characteristic trait of any given saint.

All of the saints possessed zeal in their earthly lifetime. Saint Paul was zealous about evangelizing the Good News and bringing souls to believe in Christ’s efficacious salvific action. Saint Francis of Assisi was zealous about rebuilding Christ’s Church and in living out his life in service to the poor. Pope Saint John Paul II was zealous about putting an end to Communism. The list of zealous examples is about as numerous as the number of saints in Heaven.

What am I zealous about?

For me, it is obviously spreading the word on the virtues and their correlation to the degree of happiness we can  achieve here on earth. I have an intense interest and passion for God’s virtues and my faith. I’m thinking big and taking on a task that I cannot do alone. I know God is by my side, guiding me with every decision. I also have you to help spread the word that virtue is not some old fuddy-duddy trait of long ago. Rather it is something to be embraced today, if we want to live happier lives. You know this is true, because you come back time and again to read and learn more about the virtues. You, like I, want to connect the dots between faith, virtue and reality, because we all want to live happier lives. Let the zeal rise up in you for whatever it is that you are passionate about.


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