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Wishing You and Yours Christmas Blessings

Christmas BlessingsMerry Christmas, one and all! I write to you today, wishing you Christmas blessings, because I intend to take Wednesday off and celebrate the day with my husband. I have much to be thankful for this year, having received many blessings throughout the year. However, I find the Christmas blessings that Christ bestows on us at this time of year to be very special.

Christmas Blessings

Peace – Christ’s peace is ever present, but especially prescient at this time of year. We celebrate the Incarnation of Christ on this day. The revelation of God made man for our sakes, to free us from sin and death, is mind-boggling. Yet, Christ came to bring us Peace.

Joy – Knowing God’s immense love for each of us should bring us a deep and abiding sense of joy. Who else could love us that much to send His only Son to save us from sin and death?

Hope – With Christ’s mission to reveal God to mankind and redeem us as our Savior, we gain hope in eternal life and a resurrection at the Second Coming of Christ.

Love – Love is the greatest gift of all. For, if I do not have love, I am nothing (1 Cor 13:2). God is love (1 John 4:8), and He graces us with that love every day, but especially at Christmas.

So, as you gather around your Christmas tree with your family and friends this year, I wish you Christmas blessings: Peace, Joy, Hope and Love (all virtues, I might add). Now, why would I, a writer of all things virtue, wish anything other than virtue for you? Merry Christmas everyone!

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