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Way of Wisdom – Both Gift and Virtue

way-of-wisdom Upon seeking the Holy Spirit’s counsel, discerning information, gaining knowledge and deepening our understanding, we grow wiser with wisdom, through the grace of the Holy Spirit. Wisdom is both a gift of the Holy Spirit and a virtue. It graces us with the knowledge and understanding of that which comes from God and that which does not. This gift allows us to obtain “an understanding heart that knows how to distinguish good from evil” (1 Kings 3:9). To obtain this gift, we must have an open heart and mind and be docile to the Holy Spirit.

In a recent catechesis given by Pope Francis, he teaches us that the Holy Spirit gives “us wisdom which is seeing with God’s eyes, listening with God’s ears, loving with God’s heart, judging things with Gods’ judgment. These are the things that (the) Holy Spirit gifts us and we can all have this. We just have to ask the Holy Spirit” 1

Saint Thomas Aquinas claims that Wisdom “is an intellectual virtue to pronounce right judgment about Divine things after reason has made its inquiry.”2 If we are to be graced with the gift of Wisdom to see with the eyes of God, listen with God’s ears, love with God’s heart and judge things as God would judge, then the old adage ‘What would Jesus do?’ comes into play.

The Way of Wisdom

It must be through the eyes of Faith that we seek this marvelous gift from the Holy Spirit; a Faith that declares God as Our Father, Jesus Christ as our Savior and Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit as our Sanctifier. For without Faith, and an acknowledgement of this gift from the Holy Spirit, Wisdom would seem hollow. It is through the richness of Faith, that Wisdom takes shape in our lives.

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