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And the Winners Are…..


Winners? Who won the prizes? Not just yet folks. First I need to thank a few people who helped to make this celebration possible.

My thanks to Monica Kusatz McConkey from Arma Dei: Equipping Catholic Families, to Dr. Mary Amore from Mayslake Ministries, and to Robyn Magyar from The Little Way Gift Shop for your generous contributions to my first blogging anniversary celebration giveaway party. You are wonderful friends. Thank you!

I had a lot of fun this past week meeting new people, chatting on line, and sharing the Good News of Christ’s teachings with everyone. My thanks to all those who signed up to follow my blog, and/or who took a moment to make a comment on any post on my website. Your participation was greatly appreciated. Your comments were thought provoking and insightful.

Alas, the party is over, and it is time to announce the winners. So here goes:

It’s been a wonderful first year blogging about the virtues that bring us all closer to God and enable us to live happier lives. I wouldn’t be where I am at today, if it weren’t for each and every follower of virginialieto.com. Now let’s move into year two together, with many more virtues to discuss! May the Holy Spirit continue to guide us on this journey of life that we travel together. May we be filled with grace and virtue to live out our lives as God has called us to do.

As always, you all remain in my prayers,

Christ’s Peace,


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