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Why Embrace Discernment?

What God thinks

If you need to make a life-altering decision, wouldn’t you want to know what God has to say on the matter? Embracing discernment means that you care what God thinks about what you should do! Discerning God’s will for us will lead us to making better decisions for our life’s journeys. It’s that simple. Do you care what God thinks about what you do?

Here’s a very short video that speaks about discernment, letting us know that discernment is more than deciding on a vocation in life, with food for thought as to why you should embrace this virtue.

If you care about what God thinks regarding the life-altering decisions of your life’s journey, then you will want to read the upcoming four part series on practicing discernment that begins with our next reflection on the virtue of discernment. Don’t miss it!

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