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What is Counsel?

Gift of Counsel

The gift of Counsel aids and perfects the virtue of Prudence. Recall in the post titled, Prudence’s Principle Workings Part I of III, where we discussed Counsel’s role in the decision making process: Counsel addresses the means to the end (or the intention) and the circumstances. Counsel provides the conscience with advice as to whether or not the means to the desired end is morally appropriate. The “advice” is instruction from God on action to be taken. That is why the advice will always be error-free. Without Counsel, a person would not be able to make a prudent, error-free decision. Therefore, when God created man He, always knowing what we as humans need, endowed within us the Holy Spirit’s gift of Counsel. This gift will always instruct us by providing us with knowledge of what is right and what is wrong, thus forming our consciences. In essence, through the gift of Counsel, the “morality code” is implanted into our DNA. For example, no one needs to tell you that it is wrong to take an innocent life, because your conscience has already informed you that preservation of life is a good thing and the taking of innocent life is evil.

What happens when we ignore our consciences, and thusly ignore the gift of Counsel that is trying to instruct us? We make decisions filled with errors. We make mistakes. We sin. Do we want to make error-filled decisions? Do we want to make mistakes? Do we want to sin? The answer is no. Deep down in our core beings, we want to be good, because we were made by God to be good.  So, I encourage you today, to take whatever error-filled decisions, whatever mistakes, whatever sins you may have committed, and simply acknowledge them and be truly sorry for not listening to the Holy Spirit’s Counsel in the past. Ask God for forgiveness, and open your heart and mind to His Counsel.

What happens when you seek the Holy Spirit’s Counsel? We’ll address the answer to that question in the next reflection on Counsel. Don’t miss it!

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