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Where is God in All This Chaos?

Where is GodIn these times of the Coronavirus, civil unrest, and injustice for the marginalized, we might ask, “Where is God?” How can so many people become sick and die without healing, in such a short amount of time? Why do looters and rioters wreak havoc in the dark of night, taking advantage of righteous causes? Why after 400 years, do we, as a nation, condone any form of systemic racism? When faced with the unfathomable, it is normal human nature to ask, “Where is God?” Why? Because we feel abandoned. And yet, it is not us who are abandoned, it is us who abandon God.

Where is God?

God is at the bedside of every person suffering from the Coronavirus. For those who die, He is there to greet them and bring them to eternal life. And, for those who recover, He heals them.

For those who seek to wreak havoc, God weeps, as looting and rioting offend God. Such acts violate the Seventh Commandment. How so? Well, such actions seek to steal/destroy property owned by another. Why doesn’t God stop people from doing such evil things? “God neither forces us to make the right choices, nor prevents us from making the wrong choices.”1 If He did, then we would not be free to exercise our freewill. God waits for the looters and rioters to turn away from their sins and turn back toward Him to receive His mercy and forgiveness.

In seeking justice for the marginalized, and in eradicating racism, God needs our assistance, and cooperation, to make that happen. Racism lies at the root of most of the ills of our society. Whether it be unequal education, inadequate healthcare, income inequality or fewer job opportunities, racism is at the root of these injustices. Racism is intrinsically evil and a violation of the Fifth Commandment, and therefore, a mortal sin. Let that last thought sink in for a minute. Racist thoughts and tendencies could stand between you and eternal life if such thoughts and tendencies go unconfessed. God needs for us to turn away from this sin and turn back toward Him to receive the graces of His peace and love; a love that we can then extend to others, especially those who have experienced injustice in the past.

God is With Us

God is omnipresent, never taking His eyes off each of us. He sees the illness besieging us. God knows when we will break His Commandments. He sees the injustices experienced by some and not by others. God feels our pain. God is with us. But He also gave us an intellect and reason. Are we doing everything we can to socially distance? Are we ALL wearing masks when out in public?  In viewing news footage over the past week or so, the answer is no. So, expect more cases of the Coronavirus to appear. We cannot control the acts of those who choose to riot and loot. Also, we cannot change others as it pertains to racism. But God does want each of us to look deep inside and see if there is anything that we need to do to make positive change to bring about Justice for all.

Do Your Part

As to the Coronavirus: Wash your hands frequently. Socially distance and wear masks when in public.

As to the looters and rioters: Pray for their conversion of hearts and pray for peace.

As to Racism: Search your own soul and seek forgiveness for any wrongs you may have directly, or inadvertently, committed against others. Seek to understand the experience of the marginalized. Hear their voices and take action to make things right.


1 Armenio, Peter V. Our Moral Life in Christ, College Ed. Woodridge: Midwest Theological Forum. 2009. Print. p. 90.

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