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When Unable to Forgive, Seek Mercy First

Seek Mercy FirstIs there that certain someone in your life that you just can’t forgive? Do you believe their actions defy forgiveness? Or, is it that you just can’t bring yourself to the point where you can let go? If you can’t forgive, then seek Mercy first.  Mercy is the first step toward forgiveness. Ask God to give you what you need to grant mercy to the offender. Your Mercy is not forgiveness, but it is an attitude that causes you to react with kindness and compassion toward someone who offends you.

Seek Mercy First

God will grant mercy to each of us to the extent that we grant mercy to others; just as He will grant forgiveness to each of us to the extent that we forgive others. So, if you hold onto pain caused by an offense against you, and cannot grant mercy to the offender, then you will wallow in the pain. But, if you grant mercy to the offender, you rise above the pain. You free yourself from the shackles, thus enabling yourself to forgive others.

Then Seek the Ability to Forgive

Once the Holy Spirit softens your heart, so that you can grant mercy, then ask God to help you forgive. With the kindness and compassion that mercy offers, you will find the ability to forgive, because you will see the offender as a child of God. We are all children of God and we all offend God and others, from time to time. Why? Because we are all sinners. We all need God’s Mercy and Forgiveness, but we also need these virtues graced upon us by those whom we offend. Knowing how much each one of us needs Mercy and Forgiveness enables us to wish the same for our neighbor; the neighbor who offends us. When we realize this, we also realize that we have Mercy and Forgiveness to spare and share with others. Be gracious. Grant Mercy and Forgiveness to those in need.

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