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What’s the Prudent Thing to Do? You Decide – Take the Test!

Prudent In this scenario, determine the prudent thing to do:

Johnny, a high school student, was in the process of applying to colleges. He had his heart set on attending State University, as it had an excellent mathematics program. One problem though, the school requires an essay on how Johnny would make a positive impact on the university community, should he be accepted. Johnny wanted to major in math because he hated writing essays. Math is numbers, and Johnny was good at numbers; but not so good, when it came to writing essays.

A Prudent Course of Action?

Johnny’s friend, Matt, stopped by one afternoon after school, and Johnny let Matt know about the essay requirement. Johnny also knew that Matt was a good writer, as he was editor for the school’s newspaper. Johnny thought, maybe Matt could help me with the essay. Better yet, maybe Matt would write the essay for me.

“I’ll mess this up if I do it myself,” said Johnny.

Matt replied, “It’s easy, Johnny. All you have to do is tell them what a great guy you are.”

“I don’t know,” said Johnny. “It’s not that easy for me. I’m not a great writer like you.”

Matt responded, “Well who knows you better than me? What if I take a stab at drafting something for you?”

“Wow,” said Johnny. “That would be great! Thanks.”

Matt was as good as his word. Within a week, he handed Johnny the draft of the essay. However, Johnny was in a hurry to get the application off to State University. Therefore, without reading it, he jammed the essay into the application envelope, and mailed it on its way.

A few weeks later, State University Admissions Officer, Luke Johnson calls Johnny seeking to set up an interview. Johnny was thrilled. The following Saturday, Johnny and his parents drove onto State University’s campus to meet with Mr. Johnson. As the interview began, Mr. Johnson starts off the conversation by asking Johnny, “So, how long have you been skydiving? I, too, am a skydiver. I’ve been doing it for several years now.”

Johnny’s face went pale. You see, Johnny had never been skydiving, EVER! And since he had never bothered to read the “draft” Matt created, Johnny never caught the comical inserts Matt put into the draft, just for fun.

What happened here?

  1. Johnny made an imprudent decision by allowing another person to do something that was expected of him.
  2. He acted in haste by not taking the time to read and review what Matt created.
  3. Johnny misrepresented himself – in essence he lied and cheated. He now places himself in a situation where he needs to either perpetuate the lie, or come clean.

What is the prudent thing to do?

What would you have done? If you were in Johnny’s shoes, would you have written the essay yourself? If yes, then you pass the test. Some points to leave you with:

  1. Always do your own work.
  2. Always be truthful and honest.

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