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What Does Being Pious Do For You?

pious Pious behavior must pertain to somebody else, and not you or me, right? Hmm…No, think again! I’m talking to you and to me. We all have the capability of being pious, because we each were gifted with piety at our Confirmations, when the Holy Spirit descended upon us and bestowed His seven gifts, of which Piety is one of them. You say, “all well and good, but what’s in it for me to be holy, a.k.a. pious? How is being pious any fun?” Let me share with you Pope Francis’ brief catechesis on piety, and I’ll highlight a couple of things on the other side:

Pope Francis Catechesis

What is in it for you to become pious?

Pope Francis tells us in the video that embracing piety allows us to engage in a closer relationship with God, where we “treat God like a close friend” and it “enlarges our relationship and communion with God.” For me, those are two very good reasons for wanting to embrace this virtue.

Why be pious?

Bottom line is that I want to go to Heaven – that is my ultimate goal. I also want for those whom I love to go to Heaven too. Only saintly people get into Heaven; only the pure and pious; free from all earthly sin and attachments. Therefore, as I see it, practicing piety, leads to saintly behavior. Then, through the mercy of Christ and the forgiveness of my sins, such behavior contributes to my salvation. This then leads to the promise of eternal life with God. I’m all in! How about you? Let’s embrace this virtue together, and live happier lives in the process!

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