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What Do You Want Jesus to Do for You?

Jesus AsksIn today’s Gospel, we hear from the blind beggar, who begs Jesus to hear his plea. Jesus asks in response:

What do you want me to do for you? (Luke 18:41)

The beggar asks Jesus to cure him of his blindness. Jesus responds, “have sight; your faith has saved you” (Luke 18:42). So, the blind man now sees, and he sees through the eyes of faith. It is because of the man’s faith that he not only sees physically, but he also comes to understand spiritually that Jesus is Our Savior and Redeemer.

Jesus Asks You This Question, Too!

This is a hefty question to consider. If Jesus sat across from you today, and asked you the same question, how would you respond? Would you ask for money, power and/or fame? Would you want Him to solve your transient problems of the day? Perhaps you would ask for a physical cure of your own illness. Or maybe you would seek understanding, wisdom and knowledge of God.

Whatever your need, God is ready to listen. However, I think He might be more interested in the salvation of your soul and the needs of your spirit. For God is always focused on the eternal. It is us humans that are so short-sighted as to focus only on the here and now.

What do you want Jesus to do for you? For me, I would like for Him to grace me with virtue, so that I may do His Will. For I know that if I am doing God’s Will, then I am on the right path to salvation. I try to focus on the eternal, but not always successfully. When I falter, I keep turning my focus back on the eternal. I do this because, where you place your focus is the first step in aligning your will to God’s Will. Be like the beggar and see with the eyes of faith. And once you have that sight, keep your focus on the eternal.

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