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What Demons, AKA Vice, Do You Need Driven Out?

Driving Out Demons We hear from St Luke in the Gospel reading today (Luke 11:14-23) where Jesus is casting out demons with divine authority. Fast forward 2,000+ years. Jesus continues to cast out demons in our lives; those demons we call vice. What vices do you need driven out from your life? Is it one of the seven deadly sins?

Do you suffer from unresolved anger that bubbles to the surface in a moment’s notice? Or perhaps you envy the nice things/attributes possessed by others? Let’s not forget greed and gluttony; an overzealous desire for money, power, fame or food/drink. Maybe your “demons” are more sexually oriented, due to lust. Perhaps you just don’t give a darn about anything because you suffer from sloth. And then there is pride – the root of all evil – deemed the deadliest of the seven deadly sins. With pride, we exhibit a lack of humility, thinking we can handle everything on our own. Well, that’s a surefire sign of pride.

Driving Out Demons

We may suffer from some, or all, of these vices, but we are not lost because of them. No, we have hope in the saving grace of Christ. He shows us in today’s Gospel that He is ready to forgive, ready to heal. He makes the mute speak. Christ is all powerful. That means that He can make the angry, docile; the envious, kind; the gluttonous, filled with temperance; the greedy, generous; the lustful, pure; the slothful, diligent and the prideful, humble.

Lent is a somber, yet awesome time to reflect on where we fall short, and ask Jesus to heal us; to drive out our “demons.” Identifying what needs changing, and striving to rid yourself of vice, makes for a great Lenten practice. Jesus is ready. What are you waiting for? Go! Be healed!

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