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What are You Doing with the Rest of Your Life?

rest of your life Have you ever really given this question much thought: What are you doing with the rest of your life? I ask from the perspective of what you plan to do with your eternal life. At the time of your departure from this earthly life, you will go down one of two paths: a life with God, or a life without God – for all eternity! What is your preference?

If you prefer an eternal life with God, then the question begs to ask: How involved do you allow God to be in your earthly life? What kind of relationship do you have with Him now? Might it be that you tend to keep Him somewhat at a distance? You think that if He were actively involved, then you would need to become a better person. You do not want to grow in holiness now, because that takes energy and time away from the “fun” you are having now running your own life without Him. You’re not ready to give up your sins and grow in holiness. You think that there is time enough for all of that when you get older. Hmm…If I am accurate in the assessment, then I must ask, what makes you think that you will be going down the path of eternity with God? If you don’t want Him now, what makes you think that you will want Him later? Could it be that the alternative of eternity life without God sounds dismal?

How to spend the rest of your life happily

God gives us ample opportunities every single day, to turn from sin and grow closer to Him; to grow in holiness. He gave us His Son, Jesus Christ, to show us the way. Jesus’ way is that of embracing virtue, for virtue aligns with goodness, and all things good come from God. So when we harmonize our behavior with goodness and make it a habit, we live a happier life, ever closer to God in peace, joy, love, and happiness.

So, if you are keeping God at a distance, let down your guard. Give Him a chance to show you just how happy you can be by letting Him be an active part of your earthly life. Develop a relationship with Him now and He will not seem like a stranger to you later. By doing so, you will catch of glimpse of what you will be doing for the rest of your life!

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