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Try Courtesy as a Lenten Sacrifice

Courtesy as a Lenten SacrificeI don’t know about you, but I had to turn away from politics. I couldn’t stand the backbiting and vitriolic comments slung in every direction. Yesterday was super Tuesday, so in recent weeks, the political ads were coming at me ad nauseum. I live in North Carolina, one of the super Tuesday states with primaries. The lack of common courtesy, so prevalent, in our society today, especially in the political ads, gets me down, to the point where I need to walk away, close myself off, and regroup. Why can’t we be civil with each other? Maybe we should all try courtesy as a Lenten sacrifice.

Courtesy as a Lenten Sacrifice

Who would have thought that we would ever stoop so low that we need to suggest common courtesy as a Lenten sacrifice? That extending courtesy to another person should be a sacrifice? Courtesy is something that every one of us should be excellent at. Yet, here we are, begging for courtesy.

If you find it difficult to accept the political opinions of your neighbor, then you need to extend courtesy, respect and love to that neighbor. Find the common ground on which you can both stand together. If you are impatient at the checkout line, then you need to extend courtesy, respect and love to the clerk. Find it in your heart to appreciate what the clerk does for you.

I could go on, and on, pointing out where we all fall short in extending courtesy to others; where we need to do better. I’m sure you have your own list of areas where courtesy would serve us all well.  So, take some time this Lenten season and do your neighbor and store clerk a favor and demonstrate how the virtue of courtesy works. Spread good ripples, and maybe, just maybe, our society will stop being so mean and vitriolic. It starts with you and me. Will you join me?

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