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True Radiance, by Lisa Mladinich – Book Review

True Radiance: Finding Grace in the Second Half of Life, by Lisa Mladinich, was an enjoyable read! I approached 60 this year. So, I thought this book might offer me some insight in how I might grow old gracefully. As I opened the book and began to read, I quickly learned that Mladinich had other designs. She wants us to know that regardless of our age,

The second half of life is a time of building on the past, growing in virtue, and deepening our connection with God, the source and summit of all beauty. Our beauty is not fading; it’s getting more powerful. It’s having more impact. It’s becoming what it was meant to be from the beginning (p. 135).

How reassuring is that! What a powerful statement! Mladinich tells us throughout the book that our beauty comes from within; from the virtues that we possess. She drilled it home for me when she asks the reader to “Make a quick tally of the women who represent some aspect of beauty to you…Take note of what makes each woman beautiful to you” (p. 69-70). Mladinich explains that it isn’t most likely any type of stunning physical beauty that we find attractive. Rather, it is their inner virtue that we find beautiful.

The Impact of True Radiance

I started to think of my life-long best friend, and realized that it is her “joy” for life, her ability to make me laugh, that I find irresistible. Then, I began thinking of other friends, and with each one, I came to realize that Lisa Mladinich was onto something. I realized that each friend possessed a mastery of a specific virtue, for which I admired them the most.

True Radiance: Finding Grace in the Second Half of Life has many yellow highlights within my copy, because Mladinich’s writing is just jam packed with many gems of wise information. I admire her for her “Knowledge” on how to find grace in the second half of life. For that, I find Lisa Mladinich and True Radiance, truly beautiful!

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  • By all accounts, this is a good book! Am I deluding myself by thinking I’m not old enough to read it yet? I am most likely in the second half of my life or will be fairly soon. Thank you for linking up!

  • This is a timely review. I’ve been wondering how to approach aging gracefully. This book sounds like it might set me on the right path. Thank you!

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