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Top Catholic Blogs – A Great Website!

image2Top Catholic Blogs! Have you been to this website? It carries some of the best bloggers in the Catholic blogosphere. On this website you can get the likes of:

Tony Agnesi – Finding God’s Grace

Melanie Jean Juneau – Joy of 9

Dominic de Souza

David Torkington

These are just a few of the top catholic bloggers carried on this website. I am happy to announce, that effective immediately, I, too, am carried on Top Catholic Blogs. I have added a button to my sidebar for easy access to all of the great Catholic writers of today, located on this website. I encourage you to check it out!

I have also added a button for easy access to Catholic Bloggers Network, where my blog posts have been carried for a few months now. I encourage you to check out that site too; another great resource for blogs on family, faith and news of the day.

Coming soon, I’ll be making some additional enhancements to my website, now that I am venturing into the public speaking arena, as well as “guest blogging” on other websites. And – the illustrations for my first children’s book, Adventures of Faith, Hope and Charity – Finding Patience, are almost complete! It’s all very exciting and daunting at the same time! Please keep me in your prayers as I venture into these new “worlds,” that I always keep the Holy Spirit and God’s will at the forefront of everything that I do.

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