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Tired of the Lies? Seek Truthfulness!

Seek TruthfulnessAnyone who knows me well, knows never to lie to me. When someone lies, and the truth comes out, trust is broken; sometimes irreparably so. For me, I cannot trust someone who I know is a liar. Habitual liars are the worst. I think they get to a point where they cannot discern Truth if they tried. Yet, these folks exist, and we must deal with them. It’s because of the habitual lies, that we must question everything that comes out of their mouths to discern objective truth. We must seek truthfulness.

Since President Trump took office, he has told more than 12,000 documented lies! That’s more than 12 documented lies, per day, on average! Now, that’s a habitual liar. I do not trust him. His perpetual violation of the Eighth Commandment is something to be concerned about regarding our very safety, as his lies impact national security. His lies exhaust me; for every lie told, requires us to seek the objective truth to counter each lie.  I’m tired of the lies.

Seek Truthfulness

Living a life of truthfulness means living an upright life, both in action and speech, providing accurate facts, without any “spin.” Objective truth is defined as “reality as it is, even outside a person’s intellect and independent of his acknowledgement of its existence.” 1 So, to effectively seek truthfulness, we must ignore the “spin” and verify the facts. We must live in reality, and not in “wonderland.” If we each live an upright life, both in action and speech, providing accurate facts, without any “spin,” we will move our society one step closer to objective truth and there would be no need to ever lie again.


1 Armenio, Peter V. Our Moral Life in Christ, College Ed. Woodridge: Midwest Theological Forum, 2009. Print. p. 566.

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