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Tired of the Being Petty? Seek Magnanimity

seek magnanimityDo you feel compelled to always be right? Does the slightest offense send you on a warpath? Do you find yourself complaining, a lot? Your common sense tells you that no one likes to be around a know-it-all. Nor, do others appreciate interacting with people who get so easily offended. And let’s face it, chronic complainers have few friends. So, if you exhibit any of this unwanted behavior, then it’s time to seek Magnanimity!

Seek Magnanimity

What is Magnanimity? It is the pursuit of honor and greatness, even in the presence of adversity, in correlation to one’s own ability. It is a call to use the talents given to us by God, to the best of our ability. Magnanimity pursues perfection of soul.

To pursue honor and greatness, rather than pettiness, consider that it might be better to be kind rather than always needing to be right. When someone says something that offends you, rather than climbing the ladder of inference, be magnanimous and give the person the benefit of the doubt. Remember, only God can read the intentions of the heart. And when that chronic complainer crosses your path, use the talents that God gave you; be kind and generous with your time. Give a listening ear. Express empathy.

When you embrace Magnanimity, the petty, bothersome things that once annoyed you, will no longer affect you.  You will no longer feel compelled to always be right. Nor, will you become easily offended. Complainers will no longer bring you down. Instead, relationships will deepen and blossom. You will have taken steps to perfect your own soul, by eliminating unwanted behavior and replacing it with Magnanimity.

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4 Responses to Tired of the Being Petty? Seek Magnanimity

  • Nicely explained. Great virtue to pursue. Thanks!

  • Okay. Where is the line between empathy and giving occasion to sin. It has been stated that to listen to gossip is to be complicit in the other’s sin. I’m curious on how one discerns this. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Michele: Great question! Empathy is to express understanding and care for someone else, when they are experiencing trials and tribulations. If someone were to tell you, “please pray for Sarah as she fights breast cancer.” That is not gossip, as long as the intent of the deliverer of the information is sincere in wanting prayer for Sarah. Intent is key here. Now, if the deliverer of the information is known for telling everyone the private business of others, well, then you need to consider the source. If your conscience is telling you the situation is the latter, then move away from the conversation, or change the topic. If the intent is the former, then you are okay. Either way, you would want to pray for Sarah.

      Hope that helps. Reach out to me if you need anything else.



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