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Time for Reflection, Finding the Gold

Time for Reflection It seems to be common practice to take stock of our lives, as we turn the calendar on one year and welcome the next. January makes for a good time for reflection. Everything seems to calm down after the holidays, offering us an opportunity to assess our lives. In this assessment, we tend to look at the pros and cons that make up us. We identify our good qualities, as well as our faults. By doing so, we gain perspective on where we are at, on this journey we call life.

Time for Reflection: Finding the “Gold”

Sometimes it is a scary endeavor to face reality. We may not like what we find. But, if we look close enough, and dig deep enough, we may just find gold! Looking deep, we find some virtues that come innately easy to us. We find that there are many things for which we excel at. For example, perhaps it comes easy to you to listen to others and show a caring and compassionate nature. Or maybe you have a well of patience to draw from when needed. There is “gold” in your heart, so it is time to dig deep and find those virtues in which you excel!

Time for Reflection: Finding Areas to Improve

In facing reality, we will also come across our faults: things we don’t do so well, that need a change; an improvement, so to speak. Perhaps you have a short-temper. Or, maybe you always look out for yourself, ahead of others. We all have faults, because we are all imperfect. We are on this journey called life, to address these faults, and grow in virtue, toward perfection.

Assessing Your Virtue Maturity

So, how do we assess our good qualities and those areas in need of improvement? Well, the answer is going to come in Monday’s post: Assessing Your Virtue Maturity. In that post, I’ll share with you how you can assess those virtues that come easily and those that need some practice. I’ll even go so far as to show you what you can do to practice those virtues in need of improvement. It’s time for reflection! Let’s get busy!

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