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Tim McGraw: “Humble and Kind”

Tim McGrawNot sure if y’all knew this or not, but I am a big country music fan. I heard Tim McGraw sing his new song, Humble and Kind, at a recent Country Music Awards show. Then, I seemed to catch it every time it played on the radio. Tim McGraw has a wonderfully distinct voice and this song speaks to my heart. Being the lover of virtue that I am, I immediately honed in on the lyrics, as well as the melody, of the song. I had some thoughts on the underlying message, but I was interested in learning how Tim McGraw interpreted the lyrics. So, I went to YouTube to see the video. Visual messages seem to have a way of really drilling the concept home. The video did not disappoint.

Take a look for yourself, and I’ll share my thoughts on the other side:

Tim McGraw and I See Virtue Similarly

Did you notice the joy on the faces of those participating in the video? Did you also notice that the people in the video came from all walks of life? That’s because virtues are universal. They are a component of every religion/faith, whether it be Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism or Hinduism. It is something that we all have in common: to be of good character; to be good to others though our acts. I was so happy to see that Tim McGraw picked up on that and made an all-inclusive video of many cultures, (with the assistance of footage provided by Oprah Winfrey).

Lori McKenna., the song writer, for Humble and Kind, wrote the song for her own children. One day she was making a list of everything that she wanted to make sure she taught them, so that they would become good people. In an interview with the Taste of Country Music, Tim noted that this song is “a letter to your kids.” I agree! This song is a great reminder that we need to instill virtue in our children. I would love to hear more songs like this that spread a positive message encouraging others to be more virtuous. My thanks go out to Lori McKenna, for writing Humble and Kind. Lori, keep those songs coming! My thanks also go out to Tim McGraw for using his “star-power” to bring this song to all of us! Bravo to you both!

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