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The Silence of Winter Can Bring Joy

Silence of WinterI love January! Why? Because I love the silence of winter, when everything slows down. We cozy up with a warm blanket, in front of the fire, while reading a good book, amidst the silence. Or, one could take a walk in the freshly fallen snow and hear silence. I find silence to be peaceful and that brings me joy! It is also, in the silence, that we open our ears to hear the whisper of God speaking to our hearts.

Silence of Winter

The silence of winter provides us with time to reflect on how we are doing, where we are going, and what we want to accomplish. When we assess how we are doing, we can count our blessings. This brings us both gratitude and joy. When we plan our futures, we set a course for ourselves. This fills us with the hope of endless possibilities. And when we crystallize our goals, God graces us with Prudence and Fortitude; Prudence to establish workable objectives to meet our goals and Fortitude to give us the strength to follow through to completion.

It is in the silence of winter, as we embark on this new year, that we can open our hearts to hear God’s Will for each one of us. We also open our hearts to the many graces for which Christ wishes to lavish upon us. Then as the spring dawns, we will be ready to tackle what God has planned for each one of us.

What do you think God has planned for you?

Open your ears, and heart, on this wintry day, and enter into prayer. First, take stock of where you are at and count your blessings. Then, ask the Lord what He plans for you. You might get an answer right away, or, you might need to wait, but an answer will come. Then, once you know in your heart, what you are meant to do, create a plan and ready yourself to execute it.

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