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The Feast of Saint Mary Magdalene

Saint Mary MagdaleneToday is the Feast Day of Saint Mary Magdalene, friend, and follower of Christ. Known throughout the centuries as the repentant sinner, she represents us all. We see in Luke (8:1-3) and Mark (16:9) where Christ exorcised her from seven demons. These seven demons relate to the seven deadly sins (anger, envy, gluttony, greed, laziness, lust, and pride). Saint Mary Magdalene proves to all of us that:

  • God loves each one of us, regardless of what we did in the past
  • God can do wonderful things with each of us, if only we open our hearts to him.

Saint Mary Magdalene, Follower of Christ

We first learn of Mary Magdalene in the Gospel of Luke. Here, Luke describes Jesus’ travels through the town of Magdala. It was here that Jesus removed the seven demons from Mary Magdalene. From this point on, she followed Jesus, providing for him out of her own resources (Luke 8:2-3). Mary became more than a follower. She was a true friend to Jesus.

Friend of Christ

It was Mary Magdalene, along with Saint John and Jesus’ mother, who stood at the foot of the Cross, while Jesus hung there dying. Mary Magdalene never left Jesus’ side. She also participated in the preparation of Jesus’ burial. Upon completion of the Sabbath, Mary headed out early the next morning to finish the burial requirements, only to learn that the stone had been removed. In the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and John, we learn that Mary Magdalene is the first person to see the resurrected Christ. What an honor to bestow upon an individual who once embraced all seven deadly sins! What a conversion of heart to turn away from such sin and turn toward God, in faith.

Saint for Christ

Mary Magdalene is one of my favorite saints, proof positive that saints do not come out of the womb all pure and holy and remain so their entire lives. No. On the contrary, Mary Magdalene shows us that becoming a saint means giving your life to God and allowing Him to work wonders within you. May she look down on each of us today and grace us with hope, that we, too, can grow in holiness by opening our hearts to God.

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