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The Distortion of All Hallowed Eve

All Hallowed EveHalloween is my least favorite holiday. I believe that it is a holiday that has become completely distorted from its original intent. Halloween comes from the phrase, All Hallowed Eve, denoting the eve of All Saints Day; a day where we honor those who have journeyed before us, who won the crown of Heaven.

In the 21st century, we now view October 31st as a day to trick or treat; to wear costumes hiding our real appearance and watch horror movies. I don’t like any of those things, as the root of how we spend the day is in glorifying evil. We do so by wearing fake blood with a fake hatchet sitting on top of our heads. We send our children out asking for candy from complete strangers; from the very people that we tell our children, on the remaining 364 days, to stay away from. Then we come home and turn on a horror movie like Nightmare on Elm Street. Why do we do such things? Because evil is more understandable than the Divine. We can so easily relate to evil, as we are all sinners.

The Real Purpose of All Hallowed Eve

I am grateful, that the next day is All Saints Day, where we are given the opportunity to turn our attention away from evil and contemplate the Divine. We remember those who walked the same journey as we do now, knowing they, too, sinned. Yet, with hope in Christ’s mercy, we know that we, too, will one day be saints in Heaven. Why? Because we believe in the power of Christ’s redemption and the overflowing font of His mercy. We know that He is ready to forgive, if we ask for His forgiveness.

So, when we get to this day every year, I skip right over Oct 31st. I keep my focus on November 1st. When it gets dark on Oct 31st, I celebrate All Hallowed Eve by having a good meal with my husband, staying in my everyday clothes.  I turn on a good Hallmark movie, filled with love and hope. Yes, I start celebrating the Saints in Heaven on All Hallowed Eve. Call me old-fashioned. I can take it!

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