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Pope Francis: The Church of Mercy

pope francis 2The Church of Mercy, by Pope Francis: Book Review

For the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy, I decided to learn more about the virtue of Mercy. What better book to read than Pope Francis’ The Church of Mercy?

I found this book very insightful. In this book, Pope Francis provides a selection of his 2013 speeches and homilies. Taking into consideration his election as Pope occurred in March 2013, these speeches and homilies were some of his first. Mercy, a hallmark of Pope Francis’ papacy, remains a priority for moving the church forward, as evidenced by his declaration of the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy.

Throughout the book, Pope Francis defines what it means to give and receive mercy. He interweaves other virtues into the discussion as well. For example, in an address to participants at the International Meeting for Peace, he comments on the commitment to Peace:

Each one of us is called to be an artisan of peace, by uniting not dividing, by extinguishing hatred and not holding on to it, by opening paths to dialogue and not by constructing new walls! (p. 128)

He tells us that to accomplish peace, we must enter into dialogue with those with whom we disagree. We must humble ourselves, be merciful, and demonstrate a willingness to listen to the other’s concerns; if peace is to have a chance.

This is just one of many examples provided by Pope Francis, in this remarkable book, illuminating why being merciful, and accepting mercy, is so important. If you are looking for guidance on how you can be more merciful, and/or on how you can obtain God’s mercy, then this book, so lovingly written by Pope Francis, may be for you. To all of my followers, I highly recommend reading it as part of the Jubilee Year of Mercy. If you are interested in getting a copy of the book, click here.

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