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Thank You! Two Words: Never Overused!

photo by Dominik Gwarek

photo by Dominik Gwarek

“Thank you” can never be said too much. Gratitude is a sense of thankfulness to God and to your fellow man for kindnesses extended to you, expressed in word or in deed.

Everything good that comes our way is a gift from God. We came into this world with nothing. We leave with nothing. All that we obtain in between comes from God. Therefore, we say thank you to God for meeting our needs and blessing us in abundance; for providing us with possibilities and opportunities. We even say thank you to God for times of suffering. For it is in suffering that we are united to Christ’s suffering; when we are gifted with the opportunity to carry our crosses for Christ.

When we say thank you to others for kindnesses expressed to us, we are offering an expression of thanks to the Divine; for such a kindness expressed is also a means for God to bless us with what/who we need when needed. Take a moment now and thank God for everything.

I have much to be thankful for in my life; a good marriage to a wonderful man, my good health, and the fact that God always knows what I’ll need before I know it, and He always provides.

This week, however, I am especially thankful for the launch of my new book. Come back tomorrow for a special “Book Launch” post, where I will not only be more specific about my gratitude regarding the publication of the book, but I will also give more details about a giveaway and the blog tour! Check tomorrow’s post for details.

Is gratitude a two-way street? We’ll answer that question in our next reflection on Wednesday. Don’t miss it!

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