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Temperance and the Commandments – Part I of III

Temperance 2

How is the virtue of Temperance associated with three of the Ten Commandments? The virtue of Temperance is associated with the fourth, sixth and ninth Commandments. That’s a lot of Commandments, which should send a message to us about how important God thinks Temperance should be within our lives. Today we will cover Temperance’s association with the Fourth Commandment, with the next two reflections addressing the sixth and ninth Commandments.

The Fourth Commandment: Honor Thy Father and Mother – In adhering to this Commandment, the practice of Temperance enables us to show respect for one’s parents and family members, sometimes through the curbing of our tempers and of our tongues; through the sharing of our possessions and personal time. In essence we learn self-restraint and self-discipline. Also, within the family unit, we learn to respect another’s personal boundaries. We learn to moderate our selfish behavior and think of others. Practicing temperance brings virtue not only into our own lives, but into the lives of those in our families.

How is Temperance associated with the sixth commandment? We’ll answer that question in our next reflection on the virtue of Temperance. Don’t miss it!

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