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What Does It Take to Truly Be Kind? Do You Have It in You?

Be Kind Have you ever given it much thought: What does it take to truly be kind? What does it cost you in terms of time, talent or treasure?

Be Kind with Your Time

In terms of time, it can cost you nothing more than a fleeting second to smile at someone. Or, it can cost you all you have to give, to care for someone that you love who is ill. Many acts of kindness run somewhere in between these two extremes.

Be Kind with Your Talent

As to talent, perhaps you are gifted in understanding mathematical equations (I know I am not). Perhaps you could give of your time, as a tutor, one hour a week. Or, perhaps you are a subject matter expert on a given topic. If so, you can lend your life’s work to solving problems for the common good. Odds are that your talented acts of kindness will take up much less than your life’s work, and maybe more than one hour.

Be Kind with Your Treasure

Regarding treasure, placing a quarter in a collection can, at the checkout line, might help a struggling family pay some hospital bills for a sick child. Or, perhaps a philanthropic donation to cure a major disease might be where your money is best spent. Most of us though, are somewhere in-between. We do what we can, when we can, with the hope that our money eases the suffering of someone else.

We perform acts of kindness every day. Some are magnanimous gestures, and others are small tokens. Yet, any time that we give of ourselves to others via gesture, prayer, time, talent, money or encouraging speech, we express kindness. With this being Random Acts of Kindness Week, take note of all kindnesses expressed to you. Find ways to be kind to others. You will learn that your kindness will be reciprocated with gratitude; for people are always so appreciative when someone does a kind deed for them. Share your love, for that’s what it takes to truly be kind!

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