Evangelizing through the Catholic Arts

Pope Francis: My Thoughts on the Man


Pope Francis seems to be beloved by many. At the same time, some accuse him of being the Anti-Christ. Those who believe that Pope Francis is the Anti-Christ believe that he will change Church teaching and lead us down the road to Perdition. I have found that most people who take this stance are arch-conservatives, steeped in Tradition, finding Pope Francis too liberal for their liking. These are people who don’t like change. They find the old ways appropriate, because that is what they know to be true. Francis’ approach to finding new ways of reaching the marginalized and oppressed has left these arch-conservatives in fear of Church teaching changing. Yet, Pope Francis has not changed one iota of Continue reading

New Blog Post Schedule Change

Changes Coming

Hi Everyone! Effective immediately, I am implementing a new blog post schedule to scale back the number of posts weekly to two times per week, publishing posts on Mondays and Wednesdays. I will use Fridays, every so often, to talk about the children’s book that I am writing, where I will begin introducing the characters to you in the near future.

I want to thank those who took the time to complete the survey of the website. Your input was greatly appreciated. I was very pleased to see that everyone liked the look and feel of the site. You also stated that it was easy to navigate your way around the website. You believe that the Continue reading

Need Your Input – Please Respond


Hello Everyone:

On Monday, I sent out a quick 10 question survey that takes 2 minutes to complete. Thanks to those who have already responded! If you haven’t yet responded, then please do so. Your input is extremely valuable to me! I want to make my website a place that you seek out frequently for inspiration. This is your chance to voice your opinions. Below is a link to surveymonkey.com that will anonymously record your opinions.


Peace, Virginia