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Want to be “In the Know?” Seek Knowledge

Seek KnowledgeWould you like to know God better; to enter into a deeper relationship with Him? Then seek Knowledge, a virtue given to you at your Confirmation by the Holy Spirit.

How Does One Seek Knowledge of God?

The best place to seek knowledge of God is in Sacred Scripture. God reveals Himself to us in the pages of the Bible. In the 47 books of the Bible, God tells us what He likes and what offends Him. In these pages, we learn what is good and what is evil – we learn the moral code of ethics. God tells us what pleases Him most – love for God and neighbor (Matt 22:37-39). He instructs us on how to behave toward Continue reading

Jesus Asks: Do You Believe Me Now?

BelieveIn today’s Gospel, from John 16:29-33, we witness Jesus having a discussion with His Apostles. I love this passage because of the Apostle’s presumption of understanding. They think that they know all there is to know. What they do know is that Jesus came from God, and they think that is all there is to know. Yet, Jesus tries to tell them otherwise, by first asking a question: Do you believe me now? (John 16:31). For it is through faith, that we find full understanding of God.

Oh, how I can relate to the Apostles! I can’t tell you the number of times that I think I have it all figured out, only to learn later that God thinks otherwise. Continue reading

Obtain Knowledge of God

Jesus Teaching

Where do we start when seeking to obtain knowledge of God? Where can we go to seek Truth about God? There are many different ways to obtain knowledge of God that will result in a wonderful two-way relationship with our Lord. Once we have embraced the desire for the knowledge of God, it’s time to get to work! As I said in my last post, we can obtain knowledge of God by reading the bible, attending services, reading Church documents, and speaking with our family, friends and neighbors. These are some of the more important ways to obtain knowledge of God that we will focus on today. To further your quest to obtain knowledge of God, may I suggest that Continue reading

Embrace Knowledge of God


We embrace knowledge, because we are innately drawn to the good – that being God, for God and all that He created is good. Throughout our entire earthly journey we seek to know truth, and God is Truth. If we want what is good and true, then we want God. We want to know Him. There are many different ways to obtain knowledge and we’ll cover that in our next post. For today though, it is the desire to know God better that brings us closer to Truth; something we all seek. For it is in Truth that we find answers to our questions, and we are a curious people. So why should you embrace knowledge where you  Continue reading

Knowledge – Both Gift and Virtue

Knowledge of God

Knowledge is both a gift from the Holy Spirit and a virtue. Knowledge ensures a sound and right judgment on what is to be believed. Therefore, to gain knowledge about God and His creation, we must first have faith; a belief in God that He exists and that He is the master of creation of all that is good. That is why this gift and acquired virtue falls under the auspices of the theological virtue of Faith.

As a gift, knowledge “places us in profound harmony with the Creator and allows us to participate in the clarity of his vision and judgment. And it is from this perspective that we are able to perceive … the fulfillment of a Continue reading