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Humbling Yourself for the Glory of God

Mother Teresa

Humbling yourself for the glory of God is the goal. Yet how does a person get to that point with regularity? Once again, I draw on Fr. Jonathan Morris, from www.christophers.org to shed some light on the subject:

Fr. Morris says the first thing to do is to ask God for the virtue of Humility, and then to prepare ourselves for receipt of the grace by centering our minds, hearts and actions on others rather than on ourselves; to think less often about ourselves and more often about what we can do for others. I think this is great advice – advice that I have begun to follow myself.

I’ll end the discussion on this virtue where I began, with Continue reading

Humble or Prideful? Why We Must Choose

humility 3

Humble: We should we all be humble?

We are human, and as humans we sin, make mistakes, and at times do not always make the wisest of decisions. We need to keep that in mind when pride wants to rear its ugly head. We need to remember that we are no better than anyone else. We need to remember that we are all created in God’s image and likeness.

Humility gives us strength – yes strength – to resist temptations to sin, because when clothed with the virtue of Humility, we are opened

“… to the grace of God…Humility is the basis for all good action, for it acknowledges our obligations to serve and to be lovingly obedient to God. Continue reading

Humility: How Utterly Misunderstood!


Humility: How utterly misunderstood this virtue can be in the minds of humankind! I will be the first to admit that I fall into the camp of those who have truly misunderstood the value of the virtue of humility until I started to research this virtue in depth. Once I knew what humility was really all about, I began praying to Jesus for a clean and humble heart.

Let’s start by discussing what humility is NOT: It is not weakness, or humiliation. Humility is not low self confidence.  Now that we have that straight, just what is humility in virtuous terms?

For starters, Humility is an understanding of one’s relationship to God.  Here’s a perfect example of how Continue reading