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Gluttony Will Harm You Physically, Spiritually

gluttony-2We continue with the fourth installment of our seven-part series on the seven deadly sins. Today we discuss Gluttony.

Gluttony, the overindulgence of eating/drinking to excess, will physically and spiritually harm you if left unchecked and unaddressed. Overeating/drinking can result in physical illnesses such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and liver disease, just to name a few. Gluttony robs you of the life you were meant to live, because you become the slave to the object of your temporal desire. You become fixated on the food and/or the drink.

Gluttony causes you to use food and/or drink to look for that momentary “respite” from the reality of your life; to eradicate pain that originates from a painful reality; Continue reading

Practicing Temperance – Part I of III

Temperance 53014

Through the practice of the virtue of Temperance, we can move from a state of sin to a state of grace; from gluttony to fasting and abstinence; from drunkenness to sobriety; from lust to chastity. Whatever the obsession, we can move to a state of grace through the gift of the virtue of Temperance. Today we will discuss the move from gluttony to fasting and abstinence, with the other two topics covered in the next two reflections.

Let’s first define gluttony: It is an over-indulgent desire for eating and drinking, whether it is the quantity or quality of food. It becomes one of the seven deadly sins, or capital sins, when we opt for the food or drink over our Continue reading