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Aggressive Behavior is a No Winner!

Aggressive BehaviorOriginally from New Jersey, I learned the hard way that aggressive behavior is a no winner, especially when you move to the south. I can easily remember a time when my department, at work, held a charitable event to raise money for cancer research. With such a food cause, I volunteered to sell doughnuts at this charitable event. This happened shortly after moving to Charlotte, North Carolina. Let’s just say that people in Charlotte are far more gentile than folks from up north. So, here I am in an unfamiliar setting trying to do my best.

Aggressive Behavior Serves No Good Purpose

Unfortunately, the planning committee decided that the best day to hold this charitable event was on an Ash Continue reading

Gentleness Costs Nothing, But Reaps Much!

Gentleness Costs NothingAre you harsh with your words? Do you make others feel diminished at the expense of your temperament? What might that cost you? Some treasured relationships? Maybe, a promotion? There is a cost to being mean. On the other hand, gentleness costs nothing, but reaps much in the way of rewards.

Gentleness Costs Nothing

When we treat others with disdain, we tend to lose their respect. Most people do not appreciate “bullies.” In fact, most people would like to silence bullies. I can guarantee to you that bullies have few friends, if any. God did not make us to demean and ridicule others. Rather, God made us as social beings, meant to live in community with each other. He would Continue reading

Find Virtue in a Time of Crisis

Find VirtueWith all the illness and death, due to the coronavirus, possibly affecting our relatives and friends, we may find it difficult to see virtue. Yet, the virtues of caring, kindness, patience, generosity, gentleness, love, compassion, courage and hope abound. Especially in times of crisis, we need to find virtue, or we might just go insane!

Find Virtue

Caring: We don’t need to look far to see caring eyes behind those masks of the nurses and doctors.

Kindness: When we see the 7 p.m. round of applause for all of the hospital workers; that is a pure act of kindness, showing gratitude.

Patience: We show patience while waiting for our turn to get that coveted toilet paper.

Generosity Continue reading

Aggressiveness & Arrogance -NOT! Seek Gentleness!

seek gentlenessWhen someone seems aggressive or arrogant don’t you want to run away as soon as possible? Aggressiveness and arrogance are unseemly; definitely not traits that draw people closer. So why are so many people aggressive and arrogant?   If you’ve ever been told that you come on too strong, then the virtue that you want to practice is gentleness. For when we seek gentleness, our entire disposition changes for the better.

Seek Gentleness

Gentleness is not only a fruit of the Spirit, but also the state of possessing a kind, amiable, mild-tempered nature, where one judges conscience by reason rather than by passion. Gentleness calls us to be prudent in forming judgments logically, rather than impulsively. Now, doesn’t that Continue reading

Aiming for Gentleness – A Treasured Virtue

Practicing Gentleness

Does Gentleness Elude You?

Are you overly aggressive or assertive? If so, then assess your behavior to make positive change. Truthfulness and self-awareness are at the heart of this assessment. Be honest with yourself. Expressions of aggressive behavior are emotionally based, not reason based; where decisions and reactions stem from emotion, not facts. One needs to determine the underlying cause for reacting with emotion rather than reason.

How many times have you heard Dr. Phil say to someone, “How’s that been working for you?” He knows that aggressive/overly-assertive behavior does not produce wanted results.

Gentleness requires use of reason, rather than emotion, to change unwanted behavior. It requires patience and tact, where one’s voice and words exhibit Continue reading

Embracing Gentleness: For Some a Struggle

Embracing Gentleness

Embracing gentleness can only lead to good things in your life. I speak from experience.

Before retiring from the bank auditing profession to go back to school to obtain my Masters in Pastoral Theology, I was an over-achieving technology audit manager who sought excellence in all that I did, and also sought excellence from all those who worked for me and with me. Because of my good track record of job performance, I had been tapped to lead a very special project that would impact the working style and quality of my entire team of approximately 50 people. I took this responsibility very seriously. I had an intense passion for the work, and especially the work ethic. Well, I got Continue reading

Gentleness – A Christ-like Attribute

Gentleness Gentleness is not only a fruit of the Spirit, but it is also the state of possessing a kind, amiable, mild-tempered nature. When expressing gentleness, one judges conscience by reason, rather than by passion. A gentle person prudently forms judgments logically, rather than impulsively. To express gentleness, we must articulate our points in a respectful, gentle tone. We must use our reason to assess actions, while at the same time holding our emotions at bay. By applying all of these attributes, we become more Christ-like.

True gentleness cannot be professed externally without possessing the internal virtue, for to do so would be hypocritical. Saint Francis de Sales wisely states in his book, Philothea or An Introduction to a Devout Continue reading