Evangelizing through the Catholic Arts

Seeking the Holy Spirit’s Counsel Always

seek-god Holy Spirit's Counsel Why seek the Holy Spirit’s counsel when making decisions? Because adhering to His good counsel is the secret to living a life of happiness, that’s why! I don’t know about you, but I want to be happy. I have found that if I do God’s will, then I am happy. When I seek the Holy Spirit’s counsel through persistent prayer, I do the right things. I make the right decisions. Seeking His counsel enriches our lives; it does not stifle us, but frees us to be the best we can be. Aligning our wills to God’s will sets our course aright. I am a firm believer in the widely quoted passage from Jeremiah, my favorite passage in the Continue reading

What is Counsel?

Gift of Counsel

The gift of Counsel aids and perfects the virtue of Prudence. Recall in the post titled, Prudence’s Principle Workings Part I of III, where we discussed Counsel’s role in the decision making process: Counsel addresses the means to the end (or the intention) and the circumstances. Counsel provides the conscience with advice as to whether or not the means to the desired end is morally appropriate. The “advice” is instruction from God on action to be taken. That is why the advice will always be error-free. Without Counsel, a person would not be able to make a prudent, error-free decision. Therefore, when God created man He, always knowing what we as humans need, endowed within us the Holy Spirit’s Continue reading