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Natural Law: What is It? What Role Does It Play?

Natural Law How is it that we innately always seem to know right from wrong, even when we freely choose to move in the direction of wrong? For example, how is it that I innately know that it is wrong to take a life of another? I don’t need to refer to the Fifth Commandment; nor do I need to have a civil law on the books to know that taking the life of another human being is just flat out wrong. The answer lies in God’s Natural Law, a law that is infused into the hearts of every man at birth.

Natural Law: What is it?

Natural law is the participation of man in the plan of God. It is the Continue reading

What is the Role of Prudence?

Role of Prudence

Have you ever given thought to what takes place when you make a decision? You take stock of your choices and evaluate them as either good or bad, for yourself, and for the common good. You determine your level of interest and/or desire regarding the choices. Your conscience weighs in on the decision making process. It is here, at this point, that prudence plays its role, informing you, via your conscience, of what is morally right and morally wrong. Prudence “assists man in interpreting data of experience and the signs of the times.”1

Let’s use an example: A man needs to get to work, but does not have transportation. He must make a decision – get a ride from Continue reading

What is Prudence?

What is Prudence

Have you ever wondered why or how certain people always seem to make the right decisions? You think, “They must be blessed,” for they never seem to make a mistake. Well these people practice the virtue of Prudence by applying practical reason to their decision making process, so that they may determine the true good every time, as well as choose the proper means for achieving the true good. Proper means to a good end, results in virtuous action – prudent action. To make a prudent decision, a person must know what the desired end goal is and whether that end goal is morally right. Next the person asks himself by what means he can achieve the desired end goal, Continue reading