Evangelizing through the Catholic Arts

Children are Like Sponges! Teach Them Well!

Children are like sponges 1When you think about those virtues that you want your children to possess, what comes to mind?

  • Is it gratitude? Do you constantly tell them to say thank you?
  • Is it respect? Do you keep reiterating to them to say please, play nicely; share their toys?
  • Is it patience? Do you tell your children that some things are worth the wait, and in the process teach them how to wait?

By your living example, you teach them all of this, and much more. By your own faith and trust in God, or lack of faith and trust in God, you teach your child what to believe. By your own hope in Christ’s promises, or lack of hope in Christ’s promises, Continue reading

Reading to Children: Tops on My List!

Reading to the Children During Catholic Schools Week

Yesterday, I got to meet with 120 children at Saint Pius X Catholic School in Greensboro, NC. As part of the Catholic Schools Week festivities, I read my new book, Adventures of Faith, Hope, and Charity: Finding Patience to the Kindergartners, as well as the First and Second Graders. My thanks go out to Anne Knapke, Principal and Christina Foley, Librarian for a well planned visit. The students asked great questions during the Q&A periods. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching them about virtue; especially the virtue of patience.

What are we as adults doing to teach our children the virtues? Our behavior, as adults, serves as living examples to them. Many of you Continue reading

Children Learn From Your Example


Children Copy Us

Children mirror what they learn from adults and older siblings in their lives. So, just what is it that you are teaching the children in your life? Are you teaching them, by your example, how to grow in virtue? Or, are you teaching them the very things that you don’t want them to become? In essence, do you practice what you preach?  Or, is it more of a “Do as I say, not as I do” mentality around your house?

On my blog, I write about the virtues for adults, to benefit not only the adults, but the lives of children. My blog teaches you as an adult, how to embrace and practice virtue; so Continue reading

Want to End Your Week with a Smile?


Angie Messick (left), Virginia Lieto (center), and Amy Pagano, (right).

Smile! That’s what I was doing the whole way home after visiting with some students yesterday! What a pleasure it was to visit Our Lady of Grace Catholic School in Greensboro, NC yesterday! I got to share my new book, Adventures of Faith, Hope, and Charity – Finding Patience, with the Kindergarten through second graders.

All of the children were enthusiastic, smart as whips, and so much fun to be around. They asked a slew of questions like, “Did you really write this book?” to “How old are you?” They had me laughing until I had tears in my eyes.

I’m thankful to Angie Messick, Media Specialist and Amy Pagano, Continue reading