Evangelizing through the Catholic Arts

Survey ending 7/31/14

Last CallHere’s your chance to tell me what you think!

On Monday, July 21st, I sent out a quick 10 question survey that takes 2 minutes to complete. Thanks to those who have already responded! However, I think there are more than 13 of you who read my posts! If you haven’t yet responded, then please do so. Your input is extremely valuable to me! I want to make my website a place that you seek out frequently for inspiration. This is your last call to voice your opinions, because the survey closes down end of day, Thursday, July 31st. Below is a link to surveymonkey.com that will anonymously record your opinions.


Peace, Virginia

2 Responses to Survey ending 7/31/14

  • I just read your guide. It is very thorough. I suggestion for the practical column. I know space is limited on the guide and it is good to keep it brief, but you can offer links to more extensive suggestions and ideas of how to incorporate the particular virtue into someone’s life. The links could be to your website or any other source ( video, book suggestions) that may help. All in all, it is a very handy quick reference guide and a great springboard for discernment.
    God bless your work.

    • Thanks Sara! That is an excellent idea! I will be using the feedback from the survey to make decisions about changes to the site and to the guide. I love your idea, and will definitely add this feature to version 2.0 of the guide. BTW – Welcome to the group, and please keep the comments coming. – Peace, Virginia

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