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Struggling with Impure Thoughts? Seek Purity

Seek PurityIf we struggle with impure thoughts, then the first thing we need to do is to develop respect for another’s dignity, as well as our own dignity, and not partake in illicit sexual fantasies. For some, refraining from engaging in impure thoughts can be a daunting task, as lustful behavior can be addictive. Anyone who suffers from any kind of addiction knows how hard it is to break the habit. Yet, it must be done to move from lustful behavior to a state of purity. To break any bad habit, we call on the Holy Spirit for some extra strength and assistance to break the chains and bondage of lust and seek purity.

Seek Purity

To seek purity, we must first embrace the virtues of Modesty and Temperance. We embrace Modesty because Modesty demonstrates self-respect. If we can’t even respect ourselves, then how can we respect the dignity of others?  We also embrace Temperance because Temperance moderates our attraction to pleasure. Temperance gives us self-control (a fruit of the Holy Spirit) to resist addictive behavior, when tempted. With these two virtues, firmly in play, we seek purity.

Our Own Personal Call to Holiness

We need purity because without a pure heart we cannot see God. Purity, in essence, is a purification from sin; a call to holiness. With purity, we strive to live up to the sixth Beatitude: “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God” (Matt 5:8). We must be holy to see God, once we have passed from this life to the next. If our hearts are not pure, then we will be purified in Purgatory, before we gain entry to the eternal Beatitude.

So, if you struggle with impure thoughts, know that there is hope and a path to purity. Seek the assistance of the Holy Spirit. He will guide you and enable you to answer your own personal call to holiness.

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