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Struggle with Pain; Suffer with Christ

Struggle with painDo you struggle with pain? I do! I live with congenital clubbed feet. This means that I was born with all of my bones, from my toes to my pelvis, twisted out of alignment. In essence, my feet curve inward, where your feet stand straight. At birth, the doctors thought that I would never walk; that I would be in a wheelchair my entire life. Yet, I defied the odds, and at age two, stood up and started walking, albeit clumsily. This meant that I would need special shoes.

Throughout my almost 60 years, I have worn clunky, corrective shoes that help me walk somewhat normally. However, there are times, (and I am going through one of those times now), when new clunky, corrective shoes (basically handmade for me) cause me great pain. If they are not fitted just right, then I get tremendous nerve pain in my right foot; pain so great, I cannot use the new shoes (costing $600 per pair!!!).

Normally, I have a high tolerance for pain, but when I try to walk in these new shoes, the struggle with pain is almost unbearable. In my suffering, I feel alone. Yet, it’s at that point that I remember that Christ is standing right beside me. When I feel that nerve pain, I think of the nails going through Christ’s feet. I suffer with Christ. Christ suffers with me.

If You Struggle with Pain, Then Suffer with Christ

For me it’s shoes, for you it’s something else. When life presents us with new challenges, painful experiences, or painful new clunky shoes, the question is, “What to do about it?” Some suffering is unavoidable in this life. We all have our own cross to bear. Christ asks us to pick up our crosses, persevere, have courage, trust in Him, and carry on. Therefore, when we struggle with pain, we are given an opportunity to suffer with Christ.

So, for me, I will keep going back to my pedorthist and tweak these clunky, corrective shoes until we get them fitted just right. I will persevere, be strong, trust in Jesus, and limp until this too shall pass. Sooner or later, I’ll get these shoes fitted correctly. Then look out, and watch me run the good race!

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6 Responses to Struggle with Pain; Suffer with Christ

  • I can imagine, being a professional heath care provider. I do believe that few accept such conditions rather than resorting to all types of painkillers.Today scripture is reminding us to run to Jesus to receive blessings and healing from Him. We need to be filled with faith. Sometimes when the pressure mounts on us, we abandon Him and ask Him to part from us. We value our earthly life more than the value Jesus hold for us.

    Jesus is the Divine Physician who waits for us to come to Him with our every problem (marriage, financial, disease, pain and discouragement). Let us hurry toward Him and let Him pour His grace and mercy on us.

  • Since your retreat at our parish I have found such peace praying to Jesus for pain sorrow and thanking him for my joys! Prayer is so powerful no matter how or when it is done.

    • Hi Valerie: I’m so glad that the retreat was so beneficial for you. It was wonderful meeting you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
      BTW: I finished reading Resisting Happiness today. I’ll have a book review posted on this website on Feb 27th. – Peace, Ginny

  • It’s shoes for me too, though it’s been a recent thing. When I remember to, I’ve offered it up for a fellow writer whose foot problems are far worse than mine. But the pity party over “no more cute shoes” is real.

    • At least we can walk! I also think of my sister who became paralyzed from the breast bone down as a result of a car accident. When we can place our problems into the proper perspective, we usually find gratitude! Another grace!

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