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Storyteller’s Guide – Vol II – Book Review

Storyteller's GuideIn A Storyteller’s Guide to a Graced-Filled Life – Vol. II, by Tony Agnesi, we get to read 43 additional stories that couldn’t fit into Vol I. As with Vol I, Agnesi’s stories in Vol II make you laugh, cry and leave you wanting more!

There is a special spot in my heart for the story, Keith, about a young homeless man, who Agnesi befriended. One day, Tony asked Keith about his goals. Keith told Tony that he had three goals, 1) to find a job, 2) to find housing, and 3) to become Catholic. Well, it was that last goal that tugged at my heart. It would for any Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) Coordinator, of which I am one for my parish. This beautiful story ends with us learning that Keith met all his goals. This story made me cry tears of joy!

Then there is the story titled, Catholics Come in Many Flavors. In this story, Agnesi describes a multitude of different types of Catholics. You know them. For example, the C&E’rs (those that only come at Christmas and Easter). Or the “Match ‘em, Hatch ‘em, and Dispatch ‘em Catholic” – those who come for marriages, baptisms and funerals only. The description of the sign language Catholics, who throw their arms around and make grand gestures, had me in stitches. The list goes on. By the time I got to the end of the story I was laughing tears down my cheeks!

With all of Agnesi’s stories (of which I hear they are all true stories), I am always left wanting more. What new adventures does God have in mind for Tony Agnesi? Time will tell, as will the next book that he writes, and I will one of the first to get a copy!

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