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Still Got Easter Joy? The Power of the Resurrection

Easter JoyStill got the Easter joy? We’re only half way through the Easter season, yet most people have moved on. They’re thinking of summer vacation, or better yet, Christmas! I know a handful of people that are already counting the days to Christmas, shopping year-round for Christmas presents. But today, I want you to stop for a second and think about the power of the Resurrection.

The fact that Jesus loved each of us so much that He would suffer and die on the Cross for our sins, and then rise from the dead, is so over-the-top love, that we need to stop and let that soak in. Who else in your life could claim that feat? No one. Who else shows that depth of unconditional love toward you? No one. This life-changing event was so momentous, in the arc of history, that we need seven weeks to celebrate the awesome power and love of God; an unparalleled power waged against sin and death; a supreme love that is never-ending and filled with mercy and forgiveness.

Keeping the Easter Joy

I hope the Easter joy remains in your heart, well past Pentecost Sunday. Carry it with you every day and share it with others. Let others know that this awesome power and supreme love is meant for them, too. We cannot earn our way into Heaven. But God can use His awesome, unparalleled power, and supreme love, and grant us everlasting life with Him in Heaven. For that, we can thank Jesus, with Easter joy in our hearts, for making that possibility a reality.

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