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Stealing Jenny – Book Review

Stealing JennyStealing Jenny, by Ellen Gable, is an interesting read about a wife and mother, named Jenny Callahan, who is nine-months pregnant with her sixth child. Just before Jenny’s due date, Denise Kramer, an unstable woman desperate to have her own baby, kidnaps Jenny. In this riveting, and page-turning novel, we see the Ontario police’s perseverance to find Jenny. We also learn about faith, courage, love and forgiveness. This book exhibits much virtue.

Jenny Callahan, a loving wife to Tom Callahan, is a stay-at-home mom. One sunny afternoon, she goes to meet her children at the bus stop. However, before the bus arrives, Jenny disappears, leaving her young son tethered to the bus stop sign. From there the pursuit begins to find Jenny’s kidnapper, but more importantly, to find Jenny. You see, Jenny needs to deliver by Cesarean birth, or she risks losing not only her baby’s life, but her own! Time is ticking away, and Jenny needs to be found quickly!

Will the Ontario Police find Jenny in time? Will Jenny and her baby live? Or, will Tom Callahan be left to raise his five children on his own?

Stealing Jenny Does Not Disappoint!

I’m a real fan of Ellen Gable’s work and, as usual, Stealing Jenny did not disappoint. This book makes for a great novel to take to the beach and lose yourself in Jenny Callahan’s world. Then when you finish the book, you will note feelings of gratitude for your own safety, deep joy for the love of your own family, and an appreciation for what it takes to truly forgive someone.

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