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Sick and Elderly Need Our Compassion

sick and elderly How can you support the sick and elderly by alleviating their suffering and pain? There are several ways to accomplish this that are up for discussion today. As with all acts of compassion, there are differing degrees of commitment of your time, talent and treasure that can be spent on the sick and elderly.

Attending to the Sick and Elderly with Compassion

I’ll start with the easy ways, and work my way up to the intense means of acting with compassion.

  1. PrayWe all know someone diagnosed with cancer. To enter into the suffering, pray for the person that God will be by his/her side, giving the person comfort, as well as Christ’s healing graces and His Peace. Prayer doesn’t take long, but it allows you to help another carry their cross.
  2. Visit the sick – As a person who had multiple surgeries on my feet as a child, I can tell you firsthand what it means to have someone come and visit you when you are on crutches and can’t get around very well. Being sick is a very lonely experience. Therefore, having a friend by your side makes all the difference. It only costs you your time, but again, it allows you to help another carry their cross.
  3. Visit the elderlyConsider visiting nursing homes, or senior citizen community centers, and ask to see the person who gets very little interaction with others. Give of your time. Listen to the person, and come to understand where the person is coming from; what is the cause of his or her suffering and pain? Ask yourself what it is you think you could do to alleviate that suffering.
  4. Physically care for the sick and elderly Caring for the sick and elderly can be a very rewarding experience. It requires an emotional investment and might involve a great deal of time, but the love and friendship that result is worth the effort.

Taken Action

Now, consider how much of your time, talent and treasure you can commit to alleviating the suffering of the sick and elderly. Choose a method or methods that fit your circumstances, and act accordingly. You can make a positive difference in the lives of others. Simply choose to be compassionate.

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