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Could We Show a Little Tact Please?

clinton-trump lack of tact The conventions are upon us. Today begins the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, running though to Thursday, the 21st. The following week we have the Democratic National Convention beginning July 25th through to the 28th. With that said, I have a request to make: Could we, as a nation, show a little tact please? I think it is sad that I have to ask that our political candidates use some tact in their political discourse. Needless to say, it requires that I make a plea for civility, given recent historical experience.

If history is any guide, then we are all in for a few months of rough seas. I get to this time of year, every year, and November can’t come fast enough for me; when the bombastic political TV ads go away; the news coverage of candidate accusations end, and my phone stops ringing off the hook because of pollster calls.

With all of the political trash talk, it seems to me that political elections get nastier and nastier every year. Deciding on our next President of the United States has become a personality contest, rather than a discussion of the issues. I want to know who has the better policies to make positive and effective change happen. However, we’ll never know, because the candidates are too busy puffing themselves up by telling us how great each of them thinks they are, and by degrading their opponents personally.

Where Has All of the Tact Gone?

It is a sad state of affairs, when demagoguery wins the day. Tact used to mean something, in personal relations and in business. Why is it that tact seems to have evaporated from the political discourse? I must be getting old, but I can remember the day when a Senator on the Senate floor would say, “I yield the floor to my esteemed colleague from the state of X,” and that colleague was from the opposing party. I don’t hear those kinds of comments any more. Could we show a little tact please? Would it cause you such suffering if you were to be nice for a change?

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