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Show Compassion 24/7/365

Show CompassionWe’ve reached that point during the year where showing compassion seems to be on turbo-drive. For some reason, as we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas our hearts melt and compassion gushes forth from all of us. Maybe it’s because when we show compassion, we become more like Christ, and that’s a great feeling. Well, I’ve got a plan to make that feeling come alive 24/7/365.

Show Compassion

My wish is that the depth of compassion that we experience during this time of year could be spread over the entire year, 24/7/365. Yet, just like in the retail business, where stores enter the “black” on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving), our souls enter the “white” of purity at this time of year when we open our hearts to others. Maybe we could “go white” year-round!

We show our compassion when we:

  1. Alleviate the suffering of another
    • Donate food to a food bank
    • Visit the sick, hospitalized and/or home bound
    • Visit the imprisoned
    • Actively listen to the problems of others
  2. Perform acts of kindness
    • Send a card to cheer someone up
    • Give of your time to a good cause
    • Help someone in need
    • Let someone know that you care
  3. Extend Mercy and/or Forgiveness
    • Forgive someone
    • Have mercy on someone
    • Refrain from judging others
    • Heal a broken relationship

My challenge to you is to select one of these items during the holiday season and take the necessary action to show compassion to someone else. Then, I challenge you to keep it going by selecting a different item each month, until you make it a habit to show compassion to others 24/7/365. That’s my wish for you and for me.

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