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Share What You Have in a Spirit of Generosity

spirit of generosityGod created this world, and all that it offers, for the benefit of everyone, and not for a select few. This concept actually has a name: The Universal Destination of Goods. Its underlying meaning is that “created goods goes hand-in-hand with the moral obligation to help those in need.” 1 Therefore, it is important to share with others what you have in the spirit of generosity.

Spirit of Generosity

We’ve heard it all before, “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” What does that result in? It results in income inequality, and a greater divide amongst the members of society. Do you think that God placed you on this earth to see how much money you could accumulate? Or, did He place you here, to see how much toilet paper you could hoard?  I think not! If we were to calculate riches based upon the number of virtues you could master, then we’re talking about what is important to God. Developing a spirit of generosity would be a good place to start. If we all mastered virtues like generosity, then the “rich get richer and the poor get richer!” That sounds like a win-win result to me.

Generosity Causes Growth in Other Virtues

When you embrace “the moral obligation to help those in need” you not only master the virtue of generosity, but you also exhibit kindness, caring, humility and love. Wow, you’re getting richer by the moment! Your kind gesture of meeting the needs of others shows that you care. You are thinking more of others and less about yourself (aka humility). You demonstrate love of neighbor. Giving with the spirit of generosity makes you Christ-like. Not only will your actions enrich the lives of others in a positive way, but you will open your heart to allow God to enrich your soul and bless you abundantly.  Give it a try. What do you have to lose? A few dollars? A roll of toilet paper? I think you have it in you to grow richer with a spirit of generosity.


1 Armenio, Peter V. Our Moral Life in Christ, College Ed. Woodridge: Midwest Theological Forum, 2009. Print. p. 514.

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