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Seven Stories for Christmas Book Review

Seven Stories

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Christmas stories add to the joy of the Christmas season, and Seven Stories for Christmas by Henry von Blumenthal, provides a wonderful take on the birth and life of Jesus from St. Luke’s perspective. Mr. von Blumenthal takes us back in time, to when St. Luke was doing his research for, what we today call, the Gospel according to St. Luke. In his research, Luke, known as Dr. Lucan, first visited with Mary to learn what Jesus was like as a child. He then met up with Zacchaeus, the tax collector to hear his story of what Jesus was like. Mr. von Blumenthal weaves through each chapter discussing other pertinent characters and their telling of Christ’s birth and life: the Shepherds, the Magi and Rabbi Gamaliel. He gains their perspective to add to the story of Christ’s birth and life. He concludes by revisiting Mary and, from her, he hears the prayer we recite today, known as the “Magnificat” (Luke: 1:46-55).

Mr. von Blumenthal also makes use of some beautiful artwork throughout his book to capture the essence of the birth and life of Jesus; the reason why we celebrate Christmas. This great little book (49 pages total), makes for a wonderful afternoon of reading, where one can meditate on the birth and life of Jesus as told through the main character, Dr. Lucan. It is also a great tool for teaching children about the birth and life of Christ. My favorite part of this book is the discussion Luke gets into with St. Paul over Jesus’ family tree; where St. Paul questions why Luke would go down such a road. You’ll need to read the story for yourself to learn the reason why.

If you add this book to your Christmas wish list, and you find it under your Christmas tree, then I hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as I did!

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