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Selfishness is Unfulfilling

SelfishnessPeople who act selfishly do so because something is lacking in their life. There is a neediness to compensate for lack of self-esteem, money, prestige, and/or security. A selfish person looks out for himself, at the expense of others. By their actions alone, one can see that selfishness is unfulfilling.

Selfishness is Unfulfilling

For example:

  • When a person must be seen as #1, the best at what they do, it is usually because of low self-esteem. Even when they receive praise for their work, it rings hollow due to disbelief. Because of the low self-esteem, the selfish person finds it difficult in sharing credit with teammates, resulting in the perennial jockeying for first place among one’s peers, even at the expense of the efforts of others.
  • A selfish and greedy person can never have enough money. The fear of being poor is intolerable. So, the selfish person climbs over others to get what they want. Yet, once they get more money, the need to obtain even more money surfaces. A vicious cycle of unfulfillment continues.

Embrace Unselfishness

In these examples, we can see that selfishness is a sign of insecurity. If you see yourself as selfish, or if others have told you that you are selfish, then consider these options to not only change your attitude toward others, but to also change your behavior:

  1. Try thinking more of others and less about yourself
  2. Share from your own possessions with those in need.
  3. Acknowledge the accomplishments of others without promoting your own.
  4. Seek to understand others rather than always needing to be understood.
  5. Be straightforward and honest in your intentions toward others.

If you try any, or all, of these suggestions, then you will see that it is selflessness that is fulfilling, and you will toss your selfishness in the trash bin.

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