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Seeking and Giving Mercy

Giving MercyMany of us are quick to seek mercy. But how about giving mercy? I doubt we are as quick to give mercy as we are to seek mercy. That’s human nature at work. We run to Our Lord and ask for His mercy every time we sin. In His graciousness, He is quick to grant our request.  So, why don’t we run to grant mercy when someone hurts our feelings?

Unlike God, who knows everything, we need time to assess the situation, determine the extent of the offense, and evaluate the depth of hurt. Only then can we mete out the necessary amount of mercy warranted.

I recently had an exchange with someone on Facebook Messenger for which I took offense. My immediate reaction was one of indignation. I was not in the mood to grant mercy. However, after assessing the situation, I was able to put things in perspective. I was able to determine the amount of hurt this person caused me by her snarky comments.

Taking into consideration where this person was coming from, and not knowing her true intentions (as only God can judge what is in her heart), I was able to grant her my mercy. Did I like how she behaved – no! But, what we need to keep in mind is that we don’t know everything. For example, I don’t know what is going on in this woman’s life; why she took it upon herself to be so critical of me for some unknown reason. All I know is that God asks me to grant mercy to the extent that He grants me mercy. I would never want for the fount of Christ’s mercy to stop flowing for me. Therefore, I cannot plug up the fount for others with my neglect to grant mercy.

Giving Mercy

Interchanges like the one I describe above happen all too often in our society. Giving mercy is the remedy for eliminating unwanted behavior. Rather than fueling the negativity, we break the chain of caustic behavior by granting mercy. We allow the fount of Christ’s mercy to flow on everyone we meet by blessing them with this virtue. So, the next time someone slings a snarky comment your way, stop, think, place things in perspective, and let the mercy flow.

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