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Seek Piety During Lent

Seek PietyMany people overlook the virtue of piety, as if it is a virtue out of their grasp. Such folks believe that only the Saints can claim a right to piety. But that’s not true. Every Saint in Heaven was once a sinner, just like you and me. Yet, every Saint, once living on earth, would seek piety – there’s the difference!

There is nothing wrong, or odd, with:

  • Living a holy life in accordance with Divine Revelation
  • Having a reverence for all things holy, especially God, family and country
  • Keeping God’s Commandments and following His Beatitudes
  • Worshiping God and doing good for others out of reverence for God

This is piety!

Seek Piety

Lent is the perfect time to embrace the virtue of Piety, because Lent is a time that we typically look for ways to draw ourselves closer to God. Here are some ways that you can embrace Piety during this Lenten season, and beyond:

  1. Adhere to the Ten Commandments.
  2. Incorporate the Beatitudes in to your daily life.
  3. Be fully present, in heart, mind and spirit at worship services.
  4. Do good things for others for the sake of your love for God.
  5. Be virtuous!

Many reading this post might think to themselves, “Hey, I’m already doing these things!” If so, then consider yourself a master of the virtue of Piety. Yet, if you look at this list and see some areas where you could improve, well then, get busy, because there are many souls in Heaven who want to see YOU join them! Be like the Saints and seek piety now – you’ll need it in eternity!

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