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Saint Vincent de Paul Feast Day, Apostle of Charity

Saint Vincent de Paul Born in 1581, Saint Vincent de Paul, of French descent, earned his Theology degree, in 1612. Ordained a priest in Clichy, France, he dedicated his entire adult life to addressing the needs of the poor. Saint Vincent de Paul took the Corporal Works of Mercy to heart. He gave food and drink to the poor, via the establishment of soup kitchens. He clothed the poor, via donations from those who could spare items. A true missionary to the poor, he sheltered the homeless, visited the sick and imprisoned, and buried the dead.

Saint Vincent de Paul, Apostle of Charity

Saint Vincent de Paul, became an inspiration to many, because of how he lived his life in self-service to those in need. He is fondly known as the Apostle of Charity. Today, the Saint Vincent de Paul Society, made up of laity, follow in Saint Vincent’s footsteps by continuing what he started in ministering to the poor. Also, this beloved saint served as the inspiration for the creation of the Vincentian Order of priests that today numbers approximately 4,000 men.

Patron of Charitable Societies

Aptly, Saint Vincent de Paul is considered the patron saint of all charitable societies. If you were ever looking for a role model that exemplifies true charitable love (beyond that of Jesus Christ, the perfect role model for all virtue), then look no further than the life of Saint Vincent de Paul.

Saint Vincent de Paul please pray for us, as we journey home to God. Help us to perfect our hearts with charitable love. Show us how we can truly love our neighbor as ourselves, with hearts of service for our neighbors. We ask for this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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